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Debt Services

Debt Review Removal

Amendments to the act now,  allow consumers to withdraw from the debt review process.

Voluntary distribution

We make the payments to your creditors on your behalf.

Prescribed Debt

Debt that a debtor is no longer obliged to pay off


It offers better protection against creditors’ claims.


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We will assist you in assessing, caringly with our support we will evaluating your situation carefully and work out the best, solution possible. 



We believe that in order to help you, we need to get to know you and understand your circumstances. This is why we hand picked our team to include passionate staff, who will support you all the way.

Secure Future and Life of Your Child and Family


According to section 72 of the National Credit Act, you have the right to access this information free of charge every 12 months. If you request it more than once within a 12-month window, a charge of no more than R20 may be levied.


Today there are four main credit bureaux that have been approved and registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) in South Africa, namely:

 TransUnion Credit Bureau (based in America) Experian Credit Bureau (based in Europe) Compuscan Credit Bureau (based in SA) XDS Credit Bureau (based in SA)









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Your Life will change forever with our

Debt Services