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Our team have helped hundreds of people clear more than Thousands of rand in debt nationwide. Our dedication and passion for assisting people and restoring people’s lives. Our experience flow into the service we provide, and results in our 90% of our clients reaching their financial goals! 

We have satisfied customers becoming 
debt free; people who have permanently changed their relationship with money. They now live within their means, have built savings, and many now own their own home. Getting rid of debt doesn’t just transform your relationship with money, it can transform the relationship you have with your spouse, children and community. Sharing this journey with our clients, and understanding the crippling effects of debt is what drives to provide relief to individuals in need. 

•Our staff are
 permanent South African residents. When you call us up you’ll be talking to someone located in local areas of Cape Town and surroundings who understands what you’re going through. 

 Private & Confidential. We will keep all your information completely confidential. We understand this can be a sensitive time for many. 

• We’ll always be honest with you. If you’re struggling debt, you need people to be frank with you. Sometimes it’s hard for people to hear what we have to say, but they thank us for it. 


About Us


SABSA PROMED (PTY) LTD, is a local South African Debt Mediation & Debt Removal Specialist.

Managed by Managing Director, Mr. Shawn Saunders who is from Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town.

Mr. Saunders has over 15 Years Call Centre and finance Experience.

The removal of South Africans from the debt trap is our core focus, as debt part of the reason that our economy is struggled. Hence the reason why we are throwing out the lifeline to clients drowning in debt.

What We Do


• Debt Free in 5 years or less 

• Freeze interest and fees 

• Stop debt collectors calling 

• Combine debts into one easy to manage payment 

• Avoid Bankruptcy 

• Flexible repayments 

Eligibility Criteria Applies: 

• Currently employed and insolvent (struggling with payments) 

• Individually owe R1500 or more unsecured debt (credit cards, personal loans, disconnected services etc.) 

• No bankruptcies in 10 years 

• More than one lender 

If this sounds like you, for an obligation free consultation with a SABSA PROMED (PTY) LTD today.



Step 1: Free Phone Consultation, Debt Analysis & Savings Estimate.SABSA PROMED (PTY) LTD process begins with a phone call. You will speak to someone from our Sales Department. We have experienced Debt Experts ready to run through your finances. They all come from a banking/insurance/finance background and have gone through extensive training. Our employees are passionate about helping South Africans get out of debt. SABSA PROMED (PTY) LTD will run through your income and expenses, then compare your situation against data we’ve collected over to ensure the options presented to you are affordable and sustainable. 

Step 2: Discovery Process and Document Production 
We go through a “discovery process”. This is to ensure we get to the bottom of your financial difficulties and solve them permanently. The process includes collecting proofs of debt, getting a credit history, valuing any assets, contacting all your creditors, reviewing your income documents and whatever investigations are necessary to ensure that the agreement is affordable and sustainable. Using all the information identified in the discovery process we prepare all the legal documents necessary. At this point, we will contact you in order to run through everything a final time before sending the documents to you. 

Step 3: Creditors Notified and New Arrangement in place 
Once completed, your documentation will be submitted to your creditors. Depending on which debt solution / agreement was selected, for others, there will be a 7 week waiting period by your creditors. Most agreements are approved, and close to 100% are approved following a second submission. At this point, your loan agreements and credit contracts are modified. All legal action stops. All interest fees and charges on your debts stop. Creditors are prohibited by law from contacting you. With your debts now under control, you can get back to “living your life like its golden” 



Debt Mediators tailor plans to reduce payments, stop interest and settle outstanding balances in a way that is affordable to you and leaves you with enough money to comfortably. Our Legal team and Management have Experience in debt solutions for over 10 years. In this time we’ve developed deep understanding in helping people get out of debt. 


During your free Debt Analysis & Savings Estimate, you can expect us to: 

1. Take the time to understand your situation without judgement. 

2. Design a plan to put you back in control of your finances 

3. Provide an estimate on how much we’ll save you 

4. Let you know how fast you can be debt free 

5. Keep our conversation private and your details confidential




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Our goal is to help clients make the most of their financial situations through our debt Mediation process for the betterment of their financial obligations and brighter future.